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Neil Deane - Rocky Passages (2011)

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Neil Deane - Rocky Passages (2011) Empty Neil Deane - Rocky Passages (2011)

Message par Chino le Ven 27 Jan 2012, 16:57

Neil Deane - Rocky Passages (2011) Cover

Anybody harbouring the sneaking suspicion that “we are what we hear” will surely feel at home in Neil Deane’s highly-personalized account of how rock music moved in with him at the end of the Beatles’ era and refused to move out again. It made anarchy-bound Liverpool of the 70′s a veritable demi-paradise, helped him survive various challenges in pre- and post-1989 Germany and even made light of new millennium crises and general mid-life paranoia.

Lists pertaining to several facets of his collection of 600 CDs, reflections on the live concert experience and pithy yet revealing philosophising about the pivotal role music plays in our lives all combine to celebrate a 40-year journey many music lovers will recognise from their own “rocky passages”.

Neil Deane was born in Liverpool, England in 1957. He has spent over half his life making a living in Germany and is currently doing so as a lecturer at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Le site de l'ouvrage: http://rockypassages.wordpress.com

Un livre pour ceux qui, comme moi, aiment faire des listes! green

Neil Deane fait des lsites de ses albums préférés, de ses concerts préférées etc.

Rory Gallagehr est bien placé: sur une liste de 600 albums (!), on peut trouver 4 de ses albums de Rory: leLive In Europe est ainsi classé par Neil Deane 128ème:

Neil Deane - Rocky Passages (2011) Image178

L'album Defender est classé quant à lui 425ème, Stage Struck 440ème et Irish Tour '74 480ème.

Quant aux concerts auxquels a assisté Neil Deane, celui du RGB au Stadium de Liverpool en 1973 est quant à lui classé carrément 6ème! Voici ce qu'il en dit:

Neil Deane - Rocky Passages (2011) Image179
Neil Deane - Rocky Passages (2011) Image180

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